What Are The Advantages of a Manufactured Home?

Today’s manufactured homes are better than ever. In a time of soaring housing costs, they offer an affordable, high-quality alternative to traditional site-built homes. That’s why more and more Americans are happily choosing them for their housing needs. Here are a few major advantages of choosing to buy a manufactured home:

Manufactured Homes Cost Less

Let’s face it: site-built homes are expensive. The median sales price for a new residential home was $400,600 in February of 2022, compared to just $128,000 for manufactured homes. Because they’re built in a factory instead of outdoors, manufactured homes can save serious money on materials, process, and labor. The factory passes those savings on to you, resulting in an exceptional home at a fraction of the cost.

Manufactured Homes Are Faster To Build

For the same reasons they cost less, manufactured homes also come together much faster than site-built homes. You don’t have to worry about the weather or inspections slowing down the construction, because everything happens at the factory before the home arrives at the site. Thanks to the assembly line process, your new home could take only a few weeks or months to build, compared to a year or more for one that’s built on site.

Manufactured Homes Are Built Strong

The Department of Housing and Urban Development enforces building standards on all manufactured homes. That means you have a federal watchdog making sure that your home is built with quality materials and that it meets high safety benchmarks. Because manufactured homes have to withstand being transported to their destination, they’re often built even stronger than traditional homes.

Manufactured Homes Save Energy

New manufactured homes are often designed for increased energy efficiency. They’re better insulated, have tighter windows and doors, and come with more efficient heating and cooling systems. That means you use less energy — and pay less money! You can also rest assured that the building process is greener, with less material wasted and more of the scraps reused elsewhere. 

You Can Customize Your Manufactured Home

Just because manufactured homes come off an assembly line doesn’t mean they have to be cookie-cutter. You can choose from a wide variety of base models and then personalize with the finishes and features of your dreams. Everything from countertops to floors to appliances can be decided by you!

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